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FAQ Section

Guaranteed Results?!

I offer Personalised Training in the Umhlanga Ridge area, in the Centre of Pain Relief & Wellness focusing on losing fat, gaining muscle, improving confidence, saving time with Highly Effective Short workouts. Additionally, I am the Nutritional Therapist for the Allurion Balloon for added weight loss benefits. Don’t wast time, call me.

How long is a session?

A typical session with me is 30 min to an hour. This will include warming up, quality resistance exercises that are tracked along with Pilates and mobility work, followed with a cool down of stretches and massage therapy.

How can you guarantee results?

It’s simple. I track your results in the gym, we log your reps, weight and effort, along with total volume and average progress percentage. Then I also track your body fat and muscle mass to asses where you are progressing or not. It’s all about the numbers. Get lighter on the scale and stronger in the gym. You are winning the formula for success.

How do you lose weight?

Start off by tracking your current TDEE and assess where you are at currently energy level and health wise. You do need to eat in a deficit, but just saying knowing this isn’t enough. This entails eating the right foods and also tracking your energy and sleep patterns. otherwise simply adding in lots of exercise without adequate recovery and stress management will lead to a burn out and a binge session. Both the Exercises and the Eating need to work together. Gain muscle with quality resistance exercise and lose fat by being in an energy deficit.

How can I start or book?

Call me or WhatsApp me directly on this site. Otherwise follow me on social media and message me.

Is there an age limit on losing weight?

No there is no, the same principles apply to everyone. In a 2023 study (in Japan) Of the 1157 subjects, the proportions showing 5% weight loss after 3 years among all subjects, those aged 70 years, 80 years, and 90 years, were 20.5, 13.8, 26.8, and 30.5%, respectively.

Therefore, anyone can lose weight at any age.

Do I have to starve myself to lose weight?

No, this is not ideal. In the paper, The effects of starvation on behavior: Implications for dieting and eating disorders. They found that starvation resulted in a pre-occupation with food, eating disorders and eventual binging and a weight rebound.

Rather, a gradual food reduction with controlled exercise levels is critical for success and long term fat loss.

How hard do I have to exercise to lose weight?

In actuality, breathing hard and stressing yourself in extremely vigorous activities can actually be its own form of dopamine addiction and may stress your body more than is needed. You need to rather focus on the quality of effort percentage when it comes to repetitions and weight used in the gym. Assuming you are getting stronger, you will be training at the correct range and will get results. Sweat and laboured breathing are secondary to more effective training methods. Here for more information.